Dr Liz Pasteur

Liz Pasteur photo

BSc (Hons) Edinburgh (Environmental Chemistry); PhD. University of East Anglia (Environmental Science); Associate member of Insitute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Past climate research with the British Antarctic Survey took Liz to Antarctica to drill ice cores. Since then, she has conducted and contributed to a wide range of environmental impact assessments and environmental management projects in diverse environments from Africa to Antarctica including construction, tourism operations and infrastructure, hydro scheme, filming, oil exploration and drilling projects.

Liz is the Executive Secretary of the International Polar Foundation - UK.

Helen Turton

Helen Turton photo

BA (Hons) Geography & Geology, Winter ML

Helen Turton is a qualified teacher, who has worked in the outdoor industry for over 20 years - running outdoor and environmental centres, fulfilling the role of an outdoor education advisor, and leading on expeditions around the world. She has guided groups with complex medical and physical needs and learning difficulties.

Her real passion is polar ski touring and training trips, including full distance to the South Pole, crossing Greenland, touring over Svalbard, and skiing the last degree to both the South Pole and North Poles several times.

Helen is a Manager and Expedition Leader for Newland Expeditions.